Proffesional Decoder

The work included the design and planning of a modular, plastic panel for the support of five different systems plus the design of metallic casing, 1U high suitable for installation in a 19" cabinet. When we began work on this project the electronic system already existed which meant that we could not define the product from scratch. This should, by all accounts, hinder the design process but we saw it as an opportunity to be even more creative in dealing with the challenges set by the company. Our mission was to design the device's front panel which supports five different systems. In other words, the panel must be modular in order to adapt to the different systems. This demanded creativity and an excellent understanding of the design and planning of complex products. Additionally, we also designed all the metallic equipment. The work was a great success and we provided creative and smart solutions that met with the client's complete satisfaction. The product was, and still is a ground breaker in its field due to its modular design and the flexibility offered to the end user. We should mention that ADI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES closed in 2010 but, at the same time, Brazilian TECSYS acquired all the rights to the products production and is its sole supplier which is evidence of the product's quality