Gaby Lindenberg

Owner and Chief Designer

Gaby established Lindenberg Industrial Design in 2005, five years after completing his studies in Industrial Design at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Over the past 12 years he has been responsible for many products in the communications, medical, military and consumer industries. His exceptional ability to identify the key points in the development process and to provide solutions that are amazingly accurate, have made Lindenberg Industrial Design one of the leading companies in its field in Israel.

Gaby says that for him, responsibility is of primary importance. He is totally committed to the company's clients, a person who provides service straight from the heart and professional treatment that just improves over time.

Stephanie Lindenberg

Business Development

Stephanie, who immigrated to Israel from France, joined Lindenberg Industrial Design in 2010 after a successful managerial career both in France and in Israel.

Stephanie is the company's Swiss watch – sorry, French watch and works tirelessly, exactly and constantly to promote Lindenberg Industrial Design and to help the company reach all of its targets.

With Stephanie, nothing ever gets lost or misplaced! Thanks to her managerial and organizational skills, the company's areas of interest are expanding day by day and allow us to provide our clients with a level of service that has no competition.

Joel Kamer


Joel graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, with a degree in Industrial Design. He began his professional carrier on this distant continent, until he immigrated to Israel where his fate intersected with Studio Lindenberg. Joel is a talented and clever designer who has brought a fresh spirit, sense of humor, and many design capabilities to the studio. Joel specializes in the development of concepts which require creative thinking "and out of the box thinking". Additionally, his understanding of how to combine his creative and technical capabilities as one fits well with the work process by which Lindenberg Industrial Design operates.