Testimonials - Lindenberg Product Design Studio


  • Elbit Systems Ltd.

    I've known Gaby Lindenberg since 1997.

    As a business man, Gaby is honest and reliable, always available and he provides dependable and frank service.

    He always tries to give more that is required. Meets his schedules uncompromisingly and always gives an impression of seriousness and effort.

    As a designer, he has excellent aesthetic and technological capabilities. He can take a boring box and turn it into a modern, sexy product.

    He can also do mechanical planning and production preparation to a level that is as good as the mechanical engineers I've worked with and is even better than most in the field of plastics and complex shapes.

    As a member of a design team he has the talent to give of his abilities without being condescending or displaying his ego – a trait often exhibited by professionals of his standing. It's always a pleasure to work with him even when under pressure.

    Heartedly recommended!

    Yaniv Shoshan, Head of Design and Ergonomics
    Elbit Systems Ltd.
  • Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization

    At Cellebrite, Lindenberg Industrial Design collaborates and works closely with the design department, manufacturing facilities and all of our product lines. In effect, Lindenberg Industrial Design is a significant part of our decision making process in all matters relating to the development of new products.

    A complete understanding of the market and the needs of the client on the part of the designers was the reason for the successful launching of a new product line for Cellebrite's security and cellular markets.

    A highly developed sense of service, plus a fast response to every developing need are the foundations for the long term relationship between the two companies.

    Additionally, Lindenberg are partners in the success of marketing projects thanks to their technical support including the provision of simulations on demand, format conversion for film production, and support for our service department by providing drawings and diagrams for the production of user manuals and much more.

    Dror Haliva, Head of Marketing
    Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization
  • LeukoDx Ltd

    LeukoDx has worked with Lindenberg Industrial Design on the concept phase of the Point of Care flow cytometer instrument it is currently developing.

    Stephanie and Gaby are a great team. They are flexible, reliable, work fast and efficiently. We quickly worked through the first phase of the project to consider alternatives and narrow the work down to a model concept which we could use to give a view of what our future product will look like to potential users and to our investors.

    We intend to keep working with Lindenberg Industrial Design through the next phases of the project.

    Julien Meissonnier, President and CEO
    LeukoDx Ltd
  • Meprolight Ltd.

    As part of a design project for a new optical device manufactured by Meprolight, I would like to mention some very important points that characterize and reflect on our work with Lindenberg Industrial Design.

    1. You provide athorough and methodical evaluation of the product, its functions and the environment within which it will be operating.

    2. You have a comprehensive understanding of the customer's viewpoint, direction and goals.

    3. You adhere to set schedules and timetables.

    4. There is always a good atmosphere and positive energy when working with you.

    I know that you will continue in the same manner.

    Eli Wiznitzer, Mechanical engineer
    Meprolight Ltd.
  • Gamasonic Argentina Ltd.

    I have worked with Gaby on six large lighting projects and I'll gladly continue working with him on the development of new products.

    During all stages of the work: product characterization, industrial design, product planning, evaluation of production plans, assembly instructions and graphics, everything! Even after the project's completion Lindenberg Industrial Design supports us with version updates for the various projects they've worked on.

    Gaby accompanied us to Spain for the launch of our products at the MATELEC exhibition with the aim of experiencing for himself and listening to the target audience for our products. He also visited China on our behalf in order to make sure that mold production was being executed as planned. What more could we ask for?

    As a person, Gaby is even better. Honestly, I've found a friend. He's funny, intelligent and always willing to help. We didn't know each other personally before and always worked through the internet but on the day that we met face to face, it was like meeting a lifelong friend.

    Mariano Arcuschin, CEO
    Gamasonic Argentina Ltd.
  • VpSign Ltd.

    The reason we approached Lindenberg Industrial Design was the feeling of professionalism we got from our initial information. This impression was strengthened significantly after we met them for the first time. The examples and models they showed us and the explanation of the process really impressed us. The work was done professionally including interaction with our development department.

    The work was done using tools and processes that made the production of the manufacturing portfolio for the planned product much easier. Regular meetings, the creativity shown in finding solutions and the ability to produce solutions for real time problems made the entire process fertile and efficient.

    Definitely, the service was of a very high standard both professionally and on an inter-personal level.

    A very high level of professionalism, the innovation in design while taking into consideration the restrictions and technological needs resulted in a product that points to a level of professionalism that is of international standards.

    We will be more than happy to continue working with you on our future projects.

    Meir Lebi, CEO
    VpSign Ltd.
  • LifeCare Ltd.

    I think that you are simply wonderful!

    This is not only from a professional point of view, which is very important and which you have shown by the provision of solutions that are both professional, creative and artistic; but also because we have here a team of excellent, honest, reliable and above all, forthright and direct people who provide a solution at a reasonable price and without being pretentious.

    And perhaps the most important thing – stay just as you are! It was great working with you!

    Zvi Nahum, CEO
    LifeCare Ltd.